Julie Buresh, RN, CCM

  • 19 yrs work comp case mgmt
  • Certified since 1993
  • 20 plus years exp in orthopedics
  • Worked in orthopedic and neurosurgery for 6 years
  • Consultant for RTW programs at large employers
  • Current member of CMSA / CMACK

... very knowledgeable, hard working, and invaluable

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Julie on very difficult and demanding worker’s compensation claims. Julie suggested several treatment alternatives to improve quality of life and resolve the claim. I would highly recommend her …She is very knowledgeable, hard working, and invaluable in finding excellent physicians and obtaining necessary medical information.

Senior Claims Examiner

Reviewing specific concerns with physicians provides invaluable insight not only on how to address recovery needs, but other considerations of the injured employee’s demands of family and personal life. This holistic approach has proven to be more successful in the transition back into the workforce after an injury.
With strong surgery, orthopedic and trauma backgrounds, we are equipped to tap into the best resources to optimize even the most complex injury. Our knowledge of work comp assists physicians with information they need to address the concerns of the claim handler, a safe RTW and timely resolution of medical treatment.

    Melisa Frost, RN, CCM

  • 15 yrs in work comp case mgmt
  • Certified since 1998
  • Private nurse/first assistant for orthopedic surgeon for 13 years
  • Presenter for continuing education seminars
  • Advisory Board at Vatterot College Medical Assistant program

... always professional yet approachable

As a claims representative processing workers compensation claims for 30 years, I have known and worked with Ms. Frost and have valued her work in nurse case management. She is always professional yet approachable with patients and the medical community. She has valuable resources in finding good physicians to treat every type of injury. She is always responsive to phone calls and brings closure to a file in a timely manner... I have confidence in and value the quality of the work she does

Senior Claims Representative