Our services include...

  • Medical case management
  • Catastrophic case management
  • Workers compensation case management
  • On-site field case management
  • Telephonic case mgmt
  • Task assignment
  • Early intervention program
  • Job analysis / return to work programs
  • Bilingual services available
Work injuries affect many facets of not only the worker’s life, but also create serious implications for the employer on staffing, work provisions and safety. We work with the employers to see that their concerns are addressed. We assist in the RTW process, clarify restrictions, identify safety concerns to ensure that the RTW is not only safe, but successful and satisfactory to all parties.
The injured worker’s RTW can be challenging due to their injury, but also anxiety provoking. By working with the employer to ensure a safe RTW that is within the restrictions, the employee has someone to be a voice for their safety. Our involvement provides the physician with more information when addressing restrictions. We can perform job site visits to address situations where more information about the job is needed.

... profound appreciation for the dedication

I would like to take this opportunity to offer our profound appreciation for the dedication and expert case management skills demonstrated by Ms. Buresh. She has repeatedly performed superbly in every aspect of care for her patients and their families in some of our more complex cases. Her knowledge of provider network… how to accomplish good care and treatment… is outstanding.

Administrator, Ks Building Industry Work Comp Fund

... effective case management with a 'personal touch'

Melisa Frost has proven to be an excellent resource in complex case review, clinical expertise, and cost-effective case management with a "personal touch". She is an experienced registered nurse with strong clinical backgrounds and can translate that medical expertise to effective management of the most difficult cases! Her access to medical resources and the best physicians and specialists, provides us with the analysis and recommendations we need, to make the right decisions and manage injuries.

Farm Bureau Financial Services - Work Comp Claims Dept.